Catching a lil snooze in the Pediatric ICU

Tina Buhrman


Our 2 year old daughter had what we were told was a cold that turned into a sudden case of pulmonary failure, & she was life flighted to a pediatric specialty hospital 100 miles from our home. Her only comforts were her daddy & I, & while she rested on many chest in a recliner, I caught this precious moment of my husband catching a nap in her hospital crib, which looks much more like a little cage. We both caught sleep when & where we could, & never left her side. She's a healthy, vibrant 4 yr old now, but I hope she'll be able to see this picture & see that while this was an incredibly scary time for us, we did whatever it took to make things work so we could be by her side every step of the way.

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