Funniest Thing I Have Done When I Was Tired

Carol Deml


The funniest thing I've ever done when I was tired is I mistakenly grabbed for a bottle of rubbing alcohol that I throw wood ticks in from my dog. I had the bottle near the sofa so it would be convenient to throw the ticks in if the are on me or my dog. We live in North central Minnesota where wood ticks are everywhere. I want to make sure they are disposed of in a way they cannot escape and find their way back on my Golden Retriever or anyone else in the house. I saw a bottle like it at the veterinarian office for a routine visit and thought it was a great idea until I mistakenly grabbed it and put it up to my mouth and got some of the rubbing alcohol in my mouth. Lucky for me the ticks were all at the bottom of the bottle. I quickly got up and spit it out in the bathroom sink and rinsed out my mouth!

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